Reaching you ..

Dear Friends ,
This is my Another attempt to reach the souls who has been facing set back , love deprived , shattered  and demotivated . an attempt to sit beside them and listen to their story.

I have been interacting with many such people and now caught by glamorous whirlwind of Blogs. Every author has been a fantastic teacher to me .Few content intersect with my viewpoint and few don’t. but I learn the lessons and pass on the lesson.

I dont say i will solve the problems here . but just wanted  to say i can hear you and try to ease the pain .

Each one of us has passed the darkness and found the light and end of the dark  tunnel too.

i leave you with this thought on the 1st post
Enjoy the ride as you progress toward your goals.this is all part of the game. take the positives. move ahead. good luck :)you can always share Ur experiences with me
if you have a story , let me know
Signing off…